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Indoor Air Conditioner Plastic Injection Mold

Indoor Air Conditioner Plastic Injection Mold

Mold Name:Air conditioner mold HS Code:8480719090 Final Product: Air conditioner parts. Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mold Product Material: PP, ABS, PC, PE, etc. Mold Material: Steel Mold Steel Type: S45C, P20, 718, S136, H13, 2738, 2344, etc. Mold base: 45#, 50#, LKM, etc. Mold Cavity: 1...

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Product Details

Indoor Air Conditioner Plastic Injection Mold

1.Mold Image


Aoxu Mould Technology make very well mould-flow analysing to avoid the air conditioner mould and air conditioner mould front mask jointing line. We offer you not only a mould, but a fine solution and good service. Aoxu staff regard” Pursue the excellence shape the perfect” as the job philosophy. Paying attention to every detail of the production process, at the same time we are strict with the quality inspection work.

1. CNC milling 7 sets , high-speed milling machine 1 set (precision 0.1MM)
2. EDM machine 3 sets (precision 0.1MM)
3. precision carved machine 3 sets, slope carving machine 1 set
4. drilling machine 3 sets
5. wire Cutting Machine 3 sets
6. plane grinder 2 set
7. milling machine 3 set

3.Mold Design

professional designers for your well-designed structure to achieve the shortest production cycle, to reduce unnecessary processing procedures, in order to improve production efficiency. runner structure : Cold runner, hot runner ,  and hot nozzle cold runner structure are the most common three.

4.Die accessories

Insert, guide post, guide sleeve, slide, slide sets, and other wear-resistant lifter block of standard parts, in order to improve the mold life.

5.Mold process

1. Cooling system: optimal design cycle water, increase productivity, reduce your costs
2. The medium-term treatment: quenching, tempering, nitriding, to improve hardness.
3. The final treatment: nitrogen (nitriding temperature is low, the deformation is small, no longer the need for quenching high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance)
4. The internal and external mold chrome plated, mirror polished. Flatness, high precision, easy for ejection .
5. Transportation: Before shipment must be installed with the mold clamping device, safe for logistics and transport
6. Service: 1 year mold warranty, free maintenance during the warranty period, free of charge with a consumable when mold factory, such as: mold ejector, slider, faucets, plugs, etc. are configured.


1. How to get mould quotation?

A:  Just send chair sample picture and outer size 

     Or you can send drawing

2. What steel suitable for chair mould?

A: P20: HRC 28-32

   718: HRC 33-35

3. How long to make chair mould?

A: 60 days as usual

4. Is 3D design available?

A: We can make new chair design 3D file; 

    Calculate chair weight

    Mold flow analysis


7.Contact Us

For more information please contact us.

Product materialABS
Mould baseS50c
Mould feature Non marking and non flash
Offer service OEM & ODM
T1 sample time 60 DYAS




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