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Automotive Part Grille Mould

Automotive Part Grille Mould

Manufacturing Car Door Panel Car Part Mould 1.As a professional mould factory, we are very happy to costom the mould as your design. 2.After making the mould for you ,we can use the mould to produce the products as your requirement. Just think of us as your own factory, we will try the best to...

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Product Details

Automotive Part Grille Mould

Core Material718H, P20, 738H, H13, 420, NAK80, 2316, 2738, 2344,  etc
Mould MaterialNAK80,S136,2738,H13,718H,P20,40Cr,60#,50#,45#, 2738,2344,718, etc.high hardness steel with heat treatment, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
Product MaterialPP
Mould base

S50C, P20.73H8, 718H, H13, NAK80, S136, LKM,HASCO,DME,etc.

or according to customer's request

Mould standardHASCO, DME, MISUMI, or by requested etc.
Design softwareUG, PROE, CAD,Solidworks, AotoCAD,Moldflow,ect.
surface treatmentPolishing/smooth,Texture/frosted,Printing,Painting,Plating, or as per customer request
Main Technique

Milling, Grinding, Drilling, EDM, Wire-cutting, Engraving, CNC, etc.

Cavity No.Single or multi
Runner SystemHot runner, Cold runner, Pin-point gate, Submarine gate, etc
Mould life time 300,000-1,000,000 shot times 
Lead time35-55days

What we can make?

1. We are specialized in designing, molding and making plastic molds for medical appliances, motor vehicle accessories, building materials, household appliances,pipe fitting mould,bottle/cap/preform mould, IT related products and kinds of plastic products. Our mold division can produce more than 40 molds per month. 
2. Mass Production of Plastic Injection Parts 
We have 8 precision injection machines, ranging from 100 Grams to 20000 Grams, and are able to deal with general plastic, engineering plastic and special material according to our customers' requests.

What we need for quotation?

If any inquiry about plastic moulds,kindly pls send us details as below:

1,Plastic components' function

Because some engineering components, it is necessary to tell the mold maker their functions or products name to make the mold maker has an idea about the plastic products.

2,Plastic material

This can help the mold maker to choose which kind of steel and which kind of injection gate…

3,Plastic components drawing or 3D file or sample picture 

If you have 3D design, or 2D detailed drawings for the plastic components, then it is available for getting the quotation, if you only have the plastic samples, then please do the dimension indication on the picture and send us the clear picture for getting a more correct quotation.

4,Plastic components quantity demands

You can tell mold maker by every year, every month or every day how many pieces you need. Because the mold maker need this information to fix how many cavities on the quoted molds. And also it help mold maker to choose the correct steel, also it will help the mold maker to optimizer your mold custom cost.

5,Molding machine tonnage or injection capacity

This can help the mold maker to calculate the mold cavity Nr. According with your machine's size.

6,Custom Mold components brand

If you have special requirement for the custom mold components brand such like hot runner, hydraulic cylinder and so on, please do remember to tell mold maker when you sending an inquiry.

If any inquiry about injection/blowing products production,kindly pls send us details as below:

Plastic parts weight

Plastic material model Nr.

Plastic components color Panton Nr. Or Ral Nr.

1st shipment quantity and followed shipment quantity

Weekly, monthly or yearly quantity

Each colors quantity details

Packaging requirements

If buy mould from us, what's the guarantee?

1,Before mould delivery,we will have strict mould inspection ,and we will package the mould with spare parts.

2,If the mould broken without personal mistake operation within one year,we will take respobsibility for it, we will make broken parts depend on design and ship to you.

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