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What are the raw materials of mould manufacturing?
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Mold manufacturing (purchase telephone 13931391959) raw materials are more, so what raw materials are generally available?Today, we share the following raw materials for mold manufacturing:

1.sin (AB resin)

Advantages: good fluidity, low shrinkage, good sense of finished mold, mixed with a 1:1 ratio.

Disadvantages: its cure rate is fast, which may be difficult for new learning.The price is also more expensive, producing a lot of heat, easy to be water.

2. Metal ((bronze, aluminum, lead, silver, gold)) : the size is stable and durable, but the price is expensive, the details are difficult to capture and difficult to remove.

3. Gypsum: cheap, but brittle, not easy to mold.You should be very careful, in the process of molding, other wise you will start from scratch.

4. Silicone rubber

5. Other mould materials: plastic, concrete, latex, pasting machine, printing mould, gelatin, white rubber, polymer, etc.

The raw material made by the mould is mainly the above, choosing what kind of raw material and looking at the individual's requirements to choose the right raw materials.



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