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Two Types of SMC /BMC moulds
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Aoxu Mould have many kinds of hydraulic press and oil temperature, in this case, we can produce SMC/BMC parts for you. So we give you choice for this SMC/BMC mould your get,depending on your part volume and how your parts will be made.


Production SMC/BMC moulds are built to high stand prodution volumes,we'll maintain and repair(if necessary) your SMC/BMC mould at our cost for as long as we are making your part.



Sometims,our customer wants us manufacture the SMC/BMC mould for them,but they want to produce the parts by themselves or another facility.In this case,we will make the SMC/BMC  mould according to cllients standards and export it to them.Optionally,we can press as many parts as you need of your export mould beofre we ship it to you. This is the good choice to check the quality of our mould.


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