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The requirement of the mould for toughness
- Jul 06, 2018 -

In the process of working, the mould is subjected to impact load. In order to reduce the damage of fracture, blade breakage and other forms in the process of using, the mould steel is required to have certain toughness.

Die steel chemical composition, grain size, purity, the number of carbide and inclusion, morphology, size and distribution, as well as the system of heat treatment of steel and heat treatment microstructure of factors have great influence on the toughness of steel.
In particular, the influence of steel purity and thermal deformation on its transverse toughness is more obvious.
Steel's toughness, strength and abrasion resistance are often contradictory.
Therefore, it is necessary to select the chemical composition of steel reasonably and adopt reasonable refining, heat treatment and heat treatment technology, so as to achieve the best wear resistance, strength and toughness of the mould materials.

The total energy absorbed by the specimen during the whole process of fracture during the first impact process by the characteristic material of the impact toughness system.
However, many tools break under different working conditions, so the conventional impact toughness cannot fully reflect the fracture performance of die steel.
Experimental techniques such as low energy multiple impact fracture work or multiple fracture life and fatigue life are being used.



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