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Technical application of plastic mould
- Jun 14, 2017 -

1, such as: household appliances, instrumentation, construction equipment, automotive industry, daily hardware and many other fields, the proportion of plastic products is rapidly increasing. A well-designed plastic piece can often replace many traditional metal pieces. The trend of plastics in industrial products and daily-use products has been increasing.

2, the general definition of mold: In the industrial production, with a variety of presses and the special tools installed on the press, through the pressure of metal or non-metallic materials to produce the required shape of the parts or products, this special tool collectively known as the mold.

3. Injection process Description: Mold is a tool for producing plastic products.

4, the general classification of molds: can be divided into plastic molds and non-plastic molds:

Shan non-plastic mold has: casting mold, forging die, stamping die, die casting and so on.

A. Casting mould--faucet, pig iron Platform

b. Forging die--car body

C. Stamping die--computer panel

D. Die-casting die--super alloy, cylinder body

Shan Plastic Mold According to the production process and production of different products are divided into:

A. Injection Moulding Mould--TV case, keyboard button (most commonly used)

b. Gas blowing mould--beverage bottle

C. Compression molding die--bakelite switch, scientific porcelain dishes

D. Transfer molding die--integrated circuit products

E. Extruding Mould--HOSE, plastic bag

F. Thermoforming mould--transparent molded package shell

G. Rotary mold--soft plastic doll toys