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Plastic Crate Mould Manufacturer
- Jul 09, 2018 -


Plastic Crate Mould Manufacturer

crate moulds are large and medium-sized moulds with weight over 2 Tons , and it has four sliders, so the manufacturing cost is a bit high.

But in our factory there can be a different story…

When designing, we will use the flow analysis software(mold flow) to analyze, this will increase the success of crate mould design and manufacturing, thus ensuring the quality of plastic parts,

our crate mould use hot runner technology, which can optimize the crate mould structure, shorten the  cycling time,
our crate mould uses the mechanical ejection way, this can guarantee the reliable movement of the mould, ensure a long service life.

By optimizing our crate moulds structure, the benefits that buyers can get:

  • light in weight and small in size crate mould

It is only 1/3 of the cold runner and the machine is a lateral parting mould, which can reduce the cost of mould building.

  • compact structure crate mould

our crate mould has a compact structure and reliable operation. The reset time of this mechanism can be flexibly adjusted.

  • Increase the usage of plastic materials crate mould

our crate mould could reduce reground material, improved the quality of crate, and improv the utilization of materials.

  • Reducing the cooling time crate mould

our crate mould Reduce the cooling time and thus shorten the molding cycle. The cooling time usually accounts for 80% of the entire cycle time of the crate mould, reducing the cooling time can greatly increase productivity.

Crate mould steel suggestions:

  1. the mould base p20 steels. cavity and slides 718H. Such crate moulds can have 1 million shots times.

  2.  the mould base  45 steel and the steel cavity and slide p20. Such a crate mould can produce 500,000 times.

  3. it is also possible to use all 45 steel to make crate mould.

Topworks care mould sprcification:

  • plastic crate mold

  • cavity:1

  • Hotrunner:4 drops with heating coils

  • mold cavity steel:DIN 718H

  • mold slider steel:DIN 718H

  • Plastic material:HDPE

  • Cycle time:40 Secs

  • Delivery time:35 days.