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Plastic mold development
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Plastic mold develops very fast.At present, the plastic mold market accounts for about 30% of the whole mold industry, and the proportion of the mold imports and exports is as high as 50 ~ 70%.With the rapid development of China's national economy pillar industries such as machinery, automobile, household appliances, electronic information and building materials, this proportion will continue to improve.

Experts believe that the Chinese and foreign level, there is great gap at present to break through three bottlenecks restricting the development of mould industry as soon as possible: one is will intensify research and development of plastic materials and injection molding process;Second, the plastic mold enterprises should develop to the park and accelerate the integration of resources;Third, the inspection of mold test results must be followed as soon as possible, otherwise the development of plastic mold market will be restricted.

The slope protection mould is a kind of mould which has been accepted by people so far, our life is indispensable!Both high-speed highway and damming dam, there are all kinds of slope protection mould, such as: hexagon revetment mold, arched slope protection mould, trigeminal slope protection mould, rectangular slope protection mould, herringbone chain block revetment slope protection mould, diamond slope protection mould, grid slope protection mould...These slope dies are filled with People's Daily life.



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