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Mold Development
- Jun 14, 2017 -

China's annual plastic mold production value of about 53.4 billion yuan? Do you believe it? Because of the rapid development of China's economy, the requirement of plastic mould industry is more and more stringent, so it provides a great impetus for the development of plastic mould industry. According to accurate statistics, China's annual plastic mold production value of 53.4 billion yuan, this is a fact that already exists.

With the rapid development of automobile manufacturing and it manufacturing, domestic mold industry has made rapid development, it is understood that the mold industry in China, the proportion of plastic molds up to 30%, it is expected in the future mold market, plastic molds accounted for the proportion of the total mold will gradually improve, and the development speed will be faster than other molds.

At the same time, the plastic mold industry structure adjustment pace is speeding up, market-oriented professional plastic mold manufacturers and the number of capacity is also growing rapidly. According to the production of plastic mold manufacturing industry, sales, market conditions, industry structure, products and import and export situation analysis, reference to the development of plastic mold related industry trends, forecast the future of China's plastic mold manufacturing industry development direction exactly where, in the end, China's plastic mold manufacturing industry has a lot of potential for development, these are needed to be validated.

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