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Material selection of plastic mould
- Jun 14, 2017 -

1. Working conditions of plastic mould

Due to the development of plastic and plastic molding industry, the quality of plastic mould is more and more high, so the failure problem of plastic mould and its influencing factors have become an important research topic. The main working parts of plastic mould are forming parts, such as convex die, concave die and so on, they form the cavity of plastic mold, and the various surfaces of plastic workpiece are formed and contact with plastic directly, which is subjected to pressure, temperature, friction and corrosion.

2, plastic mold material failure Reason analysis

General mold manufacturing including mold design, selection of materials, heat treatment, mechanical processing, commissioning and installation process.

From the common phenomenon of die failure, the wear failure, local deformation failure and fracture failure can be produced during the service of plastic mould. The important failure forms of plastic moulds can be divided into wear failure, local plastic deformation failure and fracture failure.

3, plastic mold steel performance requirements with the rapid development of manufacturing, plastic mold is an indispensable tool in plastic molding and processing, the proportion of total mold production increased year by day, with the development of high-performance plastics and continuous production, plastic products are growing, the use of continuous expansion of products to precision, large-scale, complex development. Molding production to high-speed development, the working conditions of the mold more complex.