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how to solve plastic products color problems
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Resulting in uneven color plastic molding products main reasons and solutions are as follows:

1. colorant diffusion is bad, this cause pattern tends to occur near the gate
2. Plastic or colorants poor thermal stability. To stabilize the product color must be rigidly fixed production conditions, in particular material temperature, quantity and production cycle
3. About crystalline plastics, try to make the various parts keep the cooling rate consistent.
4. The product design and gate style and gate position will influence the plastic filling, that will cause the plastic product some area off color.

Injection products color and luster defect cause analysis:

Typically, injection molded products surface gloss is mainly determined by the type of colorant and plastic mold surface finish. But there are also some other reasons causes injection molded products surface color and gloss defects. Causes and solutions for this analysis are as follows:

1. Poor mold finishing, mold cavity has rust and bad air venting, etc
2. Mold injection system is defective. Cold slug well and the main runner should be increasing. And polishing the main runner and gate is needed.
3. Plastic melt and mold temperature is low, partial heating can be considered if necessary
4. Working pressure is too low, too slow, insufficient injection time, lack of back pressure, resulting in poor compactness cause the surface dark.