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How it is made Plastic Chair?
- Sep 09, 2017 -

How to make plastic chair?

1.Chairs are about status, power, and control. Origins of the chair started with the throne.(taht) Single-person seats with a back were important status symbols in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, as well. Obviously our chairs today are completely different from ancient Egyptian thrones, but the throne-like properties of chairs have been the key historical factors behind their rise.

2.Until the nineteenth century, Chairs were used by rich people.That changed with the Industrial Revolution. Suddenly chairs were being made cheaply in factories and more people could afford to sit like the rich. At the same time, labor was being settled: as workers moved from agriculture to factories and offices, laborers spent more and more time sitting in those newly mass-producible chairs.

3.Until the centuries chairs were produced by using wood or iron as a raw material. After the discovery of oil Chairs have been produced by using petroleum products. We can see many types of chairs in our daily life People use chairs for sitting.We can use them in many places. For example in our house,at cafe, restaurant and etc During I talk about chairs You are also sitting on them.Maybe we can not be aware of that point but the product of chair is important part of our life.

4.Reasons of Using Plastic Chair *The price of plastic chair is cheaper than others,it is very useful and its weight is lighter than others. *We can recycle it. *They can be cleaned easily. *Also transportation of plastic chair is easier than others.Due to the design of the plastic chair they can be combined each other. *Main reason is ; We can produce plastic chair more quickly than others. As a result, People commonly use Plastic Chair.

5.RAW MATERİAL — Polyethylene terephthalate is our raw material to produce plastic chair.It is also called as PET which the name of pet bottles comes from there.This material is thermoplastic which means that we can recycle it easily. — Pet has good corrosion of thermal radiation.İf we placed in direct sunlight they can with stand there for a very long time (five years approximately). — Pet is resistant againts solvents.Therefore Products of Pet can be easily cleaned by using solvent. — Pet has high mechanical strength.When we consider the product of chair strenght is important so Pet is our raw material to produce plastic chair.

6.Manufacturing Process of Plastic Chair Is there anybody want to say how it is made plastic chair? Can we produce chairs as totally one part or we should assemble of its parts.