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Every traditional industry deserves to be redone with Internet thinking.
- Apr 11, 2018 -

    I've been talking to a lot of people lately, and they say there's been a lot of good investment.Indeed, during the dot-com bubble, a large number of entrepreneurial projects entered the cold winter.But on the other hand, good projects don't get much less. On the contrary, we think good projects are always there, and the key is how you look.

Every traditional industry deserves to be redone with Internet thinking.

Online traffic is increasingly concentrated on a handful of Internet giants, and the odds are slim that it will topple a monopoly like BATJ.So we see fewer and fewer opportunities for online innovation.

But on the other hand, we've been looking at another circuit for two years, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.We think that when the Internet is an infrastructure, all of the traditional industry to redo a, including traditional traditional furniture, clothing, if you can use the Internet to the industry to re-do it, here the opportunity is unlimited.

Why do I say that there is a huge opportunity for reengineering in traditional Chinese industries?This is a different place for China and America.Because China's market demand is huge and objective.We only need to use some new technology to better meet the original demand, we can get the market quickly.

To transform traditional industry but also to our entrepreneurs and investors put forward higher requirements, is all you need to understand more traditional industries, or make things is no root of wood, and can't really replace original products.

Opportunities for business model innovation are diminishing but technological innovation is in the ascendant.

Opportunities for business model innovation are diminishing but technological innovation is in the ascendant.

Business model innovation, such as the Shared economy, the entrepreneurial model of unretail, has always been the capital chasing direction.Business model innovation does not require great technical barriers, and by continuous financing and continuous iteration, it can defeat competitors and quickly occupy the market.

But like drops a taxi and Shared cycling fewer and fewer opportunities for business model innovation, it has also led to everybody cherish more and more, the concept of a business model innovation, all the capital high attention, also caused the larger capital bubble.

But the chase is not our style, nor is it the mainstream of silicon valley investment.We know that silicon valley is mainly about technology, like companies like tesla.

So I think in China, the concept of time has passed, we now come to a vote for the era of science and technology, represented by artificial intelligence, in this age and the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing.In terms of talent, China now has a lot of people go out and have a lot of sea turtles go back, we have a lot of technology and foreign synchronization, and even local lead, we are in the field of science and technology innovation are very excited.

Very happy to be able to attend the annual Noah diamond conference, Noah have met in a long time, in recent 10 years, we witnessed the growth of each other all the way, fortunately, we are all from the original weak institutions, became a leading brand in the industry.

Focus on a new round of consumption upgrading and import substitution opportunities.

There is also a more realistic investment opportunity than technological innovation, which is the opportunity for China's manufacturing industry to catch up with its foreign counterparts and import substitution.

We invest in consumer brands is a more important criterion is that if the local Chinese market of this product is very big, but the foreign players in the industry many, very few Chinese players, Chinese enterprises, as long as there is customer, we can not hesitate to invest.

At the core of the reason is that Chinese entrepreneurs smarter and more diligent, and the native service advantage, as long as the cut of the user requirements, foreign rivals at breakneck speed beyond.

Chinese consumption upgrade has its particularity, on the one hand, China's emerging middle class of the world's biggest, their demand is higher and higher in the quality of goods, a lot of people to go to abroad to buy things, not that we supply is not enough, but that we don't have a good product.

On the other hand, the emergence of a new generation of consumers in China.My own children are totally different from our consumption view, and we often don't understand their consumption behavior.We don't know how they got this information, they don't watch TV, they don't watch ads, they just look at their opinion leaders.Including procter & gamble, a brand we recognize, and the next generation that refuses to use it.

So from this perspective, all of our traditional consumer brands may need to be redone.It's a huge market, and it's up to our founders to create.

In the face of so many investment opportunities, our investment ideas and methods will also be changed.Especially the technology industry, it is a thick and thin hair industry, we have made the investment, can not be too impetuous and quick success.Because these industries are unlikely to achieve explosive growth in a short period of time.

We can't have a lot of bugs in our products, and we can put them on the market, and it's going to be a disaster.So mindset is very important, investing in a long term value investment mindset to invest in the technology industry.



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