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China Plastic Moulding
- Apr 20, 2018 -

China Plastic Moulding

Aoxu mould is a Chinese Plastic Moulding technologies innovator,Chinese Plastic Moulding supplier and a famous member of China Plastic Moulding Companies.

Aoxu Moldings Co. represents high classic China plastic moulding suppliers. Based on the rigorous quality controlling system and advanced China plastic moulding process, Aoxu Moldings is keeping on developing the plastic injection moulding service listed as follows:

Classified by molded plastic components functions:

1. Automotive Moulding

2. Medical Injection Moulding

3. Cosmetic Injection Mouldings

4. Home Appliance Mouldings

6. Plastic Engineering Components Injection Moulding

7. Packaging Mouldings

Classified by plastic moulding process ways:

1. Bi-color Injection Molding

2. Gas-assisted Injection Moulding

3. Transparent Plastic Part Injection Molding

4. Highlight Injection Mouldings

5. Bakelite Injection Moulding

6. BMC Injection Moulding

These guaranteed Aoxu Moldings top quality with lowest plastic molding cost. For so many China plastic moulding suppliers, their future’s way is to reduce their wastage of labors, time, water, energy, space and any other natural resources. Only by this way, China plastic moulding suppliers can realize high efficiency, low material and power consumption to reduce the cost of the unit molded component and to save cost for our customers.