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Carry out the red spot special teaching activities.
- Jan 20, 2018 -

In order to implement the party's spirit of the 19th century, we deeply grasped the socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics in xi jinping's new era and further enhanced the "four consciousness" of party members.On December 13, 2017, ningbo mould industry park to hangzhou party party branch organizations all party member masses historiographers red spot teaching activities, experience the red spirit, to accept the party spirit and revolutionary tradition re-education.The party committee member and deputy general manager of ningbo industrial investment group participated in the field teaching activities.

In the exhibition hall of the party history museum, we visited video, historical pictures, historical documents and so on.The rich and detailed historical records show that every member of our party is deeply aware of the twists and turns of the founding of the communist party and the great victory of the party leading the people to victory."Remember the struggle of the party, time don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission", through the study of site visit, you have said to the party's spirit of 19 major studying implement in action, steadfast completes the labor of duty.



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