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Calculate Shot Size Vs. Barrel Capacity-1
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Calculating shot volume to make sure your barrel has enough capacity may seem like a dull topic, but it will overcome the emotional experience that follows when you put a new mold into a machine and you find out there is not enough barrel capacity to make a full shot.

Now I’m sure this has never happened to you, but a few of us have been in this spot. So as not to emulate our mistakes, you need to do your homework before the machine is ordered. Not having a properly sized barrel for your shot is a show (and a part) stopper.

How do you figure out what barrel size you’ll need? If it is a new part and your mold hasn’t been built yet, running a mold-filling analysis will give you the volume of the part and runner. If your mold is in the building stage, your moldmaker may have calculated the volume of your shot—and make sure to also include the runner volume if it’s a cold-runner mold. If you already have the mold and you are purchasing a new machine, you have two sets of data: the part and runner weights, plus the shot size of the existing machine. With either part and runner weight, or the volume of the total shot, you have your starting point.