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Attention to die casting operation
- Jun 08, 2018 -

1) Select professional pure aluminum alloy mould remover

2)The boiler temperature should try to keep at 720 °

3) It is not easy to apply graphite materials with crucible in melting furnace, resulting in large temperature difference between upper and lower temperatures.

4)"Mold surface temperature is below 220 °.

5) The cooling time after injection is not easy to be long, and the ejection time after mold opening is within 0.3S.

6) The inlet of mould is thicker than that of aluminum alloy.

7) When the flow passage and the feed inlet shoot out, the smoother the flow, the better.

8) Spray should be automatic as far as possible, otherwise the die temperature will not be stable easily.

9) Less pressure on the die-casting machine

10) It's better to make it on a larger machine.



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