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About the mould design2.
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Design steps:

1.For the design of mould product feasibility analysis, computer case, for example, using design software components of the product drawings for assembling analysis, namely we say work plans, to ensure the correctness of each product before the mold design drawings, on the other hand can be familiar with the importance of components in the whole case, to determine the key size, so good in the mold design, the specific method of floor here don't do is introduced in detail.

2. Must carry on the work after the product analysis, analyze the product adopt what kind of mould structure, and the product process, determine the work content, each process and using design software for product development, generally from the following project forward when products, such as a product requirements five process, while the stamping done when products from product drawings to four project, three projects, two projects, a project, and after a graphic before a copy and then to the work of a project, the completed five engineering products, and then a detailed work, note that this step is very important, should be particularly careful at the same time, this step is done well, will save a lot of time in map mould, was determined by the content of stamping of each project, including in the forming die, product material thickness outside threats, to determine the size of intensive use, method for product launch is no longer here, will be introduced in the product expansion method.

3.Stock, in accordance with the product expansion plan preparation, determine the template size in the drawings, including the fixed plate, stripper plate, intensive, inserts, etc., pay attention to the direct material in product development, it is of great benefit to draw die is, I see there are a lot of mold design personnel directly expansion plan of product manual calculation to preparation, this method is of low efficiency and draw the template size directly on the drawings, expressed in the form of assembly drawing, on the one hand, can complete the preparation, on the other hand, in the mold the parts work, save a lot of work, because in the drawing a components in the work of preparation add positioning, pin, guide pin, screw holes.

4.After the completion of the materials can be fully into the mould figure drawing, then make a drawing, the materials of each component, such as to join the screw holes, guide pin hole, positioning hole and hole, and various in punching die hole to the cutting wear silk hole, in the forming die, lower die forming clearance, must not forget, so all the work after the completion of a product mould figure is mostly done by 80%, the other in the process of mapping the mould need to note: each working procedure, refers to the production, such as bench marking, wire-cutting wait for different machining operations has complete production layer, it has great benefits to the thread cutting and drawing management, such as color, such as the distinction between the size of the label is also a very important work, is also the most troublesome work, because is a waste of time.

5.And finally, in the above drawing is finished, but also can't issue drawings, still need to check mold drawings, all the accessories group, different mould for each piece of plate production of different layers, and in the same benchmark as guide pin hole until the mould assembling analysis, and the products in each process graph set into the assembly drawing, make sure that the template hole position is consistent and bending position of the lower die clearance fit is correct.



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