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Motorcycle Part Aluminum Casting Part Mould

Aluminum Casting Part Mould Aluminum Casting Part Mould Process Flow Diagram FMEA:PFMEA available and it is up to date Control Plan and Inspection Sub Supplier Contrils MSA-Calibration and Gages Standard Work and Trainong SPC Traceability ,Packaging and Labeling Quality System Implementation by...

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Motorcycle Part Aluminum Casting Part Mould

Aoxu build up the Fast Mold Manufacturing Business Unit. Our fast mold team dedicate to fast mold. We quick react on tooling design, optimize every processes tooling manufacturing, 24 hour's work, utilize our in-house advanced tooling equipments and excellent tooling supply base in our area,design and manufacture tooling innovative ways. We now can shorten tooling manufacturing time by 50% for hard production tooling and can shorten to 1/3 normal tooling lead time for prototyping tooling.

Our fast mold manufacturing has already help our customer such as Marquardt, Hengst, Anologic,etc to save more than 50% project develop time for their urgent project and speed up their project time to market. It you need such fast mold service, please contact our fast mold business unit.

Die cast tooling comes in various forms:

1.   Die Cast Tooling Inserts
2.   Prototype Die Cast Tooling Inserts
3.   Unit Die Tooling
4.   Complete Class "A" Die Cast Die or Mold Tooling
5.   Die Cast Family Mold Tooling
6.   Trim Dies for Die Cast Parts

Our In-House Die Cast Tooling Capabiities include:

· Die casting dies.

· Die casting molds.

· Die casting inserts.

· Die cast tooling modifications.

· Die cast tooling repairs.

· Diecast tooling and trim die manufacture.


Product NameMotorcycle Part Aluminum Casting Part Mould
Material A380,A413,A360,Adc12,A325,ZL102,ZL104 etc.
Weight0.015-8kg (0.033-18lb)
Process Name1Incoming material inspection8Cleaning
2Material9Appearance inspection
3Melting10Leakage testing
4Die casting11Inspection parts after chromating
6Process inspection13Inspecting for delivery
DrawingProvide by customer, or design according as the sample
Drwing formatPro/E, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORK, CAXA, UG, CAD, CAM, CAE, STP, IGES, etc.
MouldDesign and produce by ourself


Aluminum Part Mould Packing


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Die casting In House Service , we target on high mix , small - medium volume projects. With our rich experience on die-casting , high precision die-casting machine , tooling shop in house & well management , we can provide one stop solution for die-casting components.

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