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Blowing Mold Plastic Fence For Child/Kid Safety Playing

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Product Details
  • Blowing Mold Product

Blowing Mold Plastic Fence for Child/Kid Safety Playing


  • Blowing Mold Features 

Name                                 Blowing Mold Plastic Fence for Child/Kid Safety Playing
Mould material                P20
Cavity                                 1 cavity
Shaping Mode                  Plastic blowing mould
Runner                               Blowing
Mould design                   3D/2D
Design days                       3 days
Mould life                          500,000 shots
Plastic materia                  HDPE
Steel hardness                  36-52HRC(according to different steel)
Payment                             40% of deposit by T/T, 60% of balance by T/T
Delivery time                     45 days
Specification                      depends on customers' demand

  • Blowing Mold Basic Process
    1. A thermoplastic resin is heated to a molten state
    2.It is then extruded through a die head to form a hollow tube called a parison
    3.The parison is dropped between two mold halves, which close around it
    4.The parison is inflated
    5.The plastic solidifies as it is cooled inside the mold
    6.The mold opens and the finished component is removed

  • Blowing Mold Company

Aoxu mold factory can supply: blowing mold, plastic injection mold, die casting mold, SMC mold, etc.

We have a network of specialists in just about any area of packaging. During the course of a project we may call on any of them to work out specific problems. For you as the paying customer this approach has the advantage that we do not need to charge for large overheads. Furthermore, your problems are dealt with by a specialist not by a well-meaning but inexperienced novice in the field. For these reasons we can offer very competitive rates. Give us a try!

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